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78% Heat Shrinkable White PETG Shrink Film For Beverage Sleeves

78% Heat Shrinkable White PETG Shrink Film For Beverage Sleeves

78% PETG Shrink Film

Beverage Sleeves PETG Shrink Film

78% plastic shrink film

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Product Details
Shrink Film
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Label Printing
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Moisture Proof
2 Tons
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15-20 Work Day
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Supply Ability
3000 Tons/Month
Product Description

Heat Shrinkable White PETG Shrink Film For Beverage Sleeves



1. Product Details Of White PETG Shrink Film


Light-barrier shrink film sleeves made by HYF from opaque, high performance, high-yield, light weight PETG white film provides up to 99% UV and visible light-blocking product protection to safeguard food, beverage, nutraceuticals, vitamin waters, supplements, wine, spirits and other light-sensitive consumer packaged products.


Micro-voided PETG white film is a pure, light-blocking white opaque substrate. For maximum light shielding, Gilbreth applies two coats of black ink to the reverse side of the film to offer 99% protection from visible and UV light requirements, without precipitating any visible change to the crisp bright white base color on the label front.


Decorative, promotional and brand-reinforcing 360˚ color graphics are surface-printed and can be protected with an overprint varnish layer.

Strong, lightweight PETG white film shrinks up to 78%. The excellent shrink characteristic permits material downgauging–with the potential to reduce material consumption by up to 20%. In addition, film growth in machine direction saves on film use—further reducing raw material usage and cost.


No-smiling, no-frowning PETG white film, with its outstanding strength and stretch characteristics presents an excellent form-fitting solution for decorating non-standard bottles that feature wide shoulders, narrow waists, angular edges, multiple planes and other challenging profiles and dimensions.


2. Product Benefits


Opacity: naturally white, reducing the need for printed white coverage or color bottles
Function: light barrier (UV & visible light) for increased product shelf life
Shrinkage: high shrinkage performance for contoured containers


2. Product Specifications Of PETG White Shrink Film


1) Thickness: 35mic -50mic
2) Width: 450mm - 1200mm
3) Length: 2500m - 5000m
4) The shrinkage: 70% - 78%
5) Can provide free samples of 150m - 200m.


4. Product Parameter Of PETG White Shrink Film


No Test Item UNIT Standard Test Result Decide
1 (Average thickness deviation) μm ±3 0 Qualified
2 Tensile Strength (MD) MPa ≥42 65.8 Qualified
(TD) MPa ≥142 231
3 Elongation (MD) % ≥300 591 Qualified
(TD) % ≥35 55
4 Elasticity Modulus (MD) MPa ≥1500 3269 Qualified
(TD) MPa ≥3000 7370
5 Heat Shrinkage (MD) % ≤5.0 2.3 Qualified
(TD) % 70~80 78
6 Haze % ≤7.0 2.2 Qualified
7 C.O.F (IN/OUT) dynamic friction coefficient / ≤0.50 0.47 Qualified
8 Wetting Strength mN/m ≥38 ≥38 Qualified
9 Density g/cm3 1.32±0.3 1.46 Qualified
10 Whiteness / ≥80 ≥80 Qualified


5. Application Of PETG white Shrink Film



1) Full or partial body shrink sleeves;
2) Full or partial body roll sleeves;
3) Tamper-evident band;
4) Wine capsules and disk plates;
5) Pressure-sensitive shrink labels;
6) Promotion combining pack
78% Heat Shrinkable White PETG Shrink Film For Beverage Sleeves 0


6. Advantages Of PETG white Shrink Film

Our petg white shrink film are produced in world class facility,even thickness,good surface tension,suitable for various printing machine.
Good performance in slitting, sealing and labeling processes.
Superb Stability at Room Temperature – These films will not shrink when stored.


7. Package Of PETG white Shrink Film


78% Heat Shrinkable White PETG Shrink Film For Beverage Sleeves 1


8. Storage Of PETG White Shrink Film


PETG Heat shrinkable film is stored at below 30°C (86°F) with quality guarantee period of six
months in its original packaging; Avoid damages from direct sunlight, high moisture and falling down.


9. Pictures Of PETG White Shrink Film

78% Heat Shrinkable White PETG Shrink Film For Beverage Sleeves 2


10. Our service Of PETG White  Shrink Film


1) professional technical team assuring good products quality
2) honest date and sincere communication looking for long-term cooperation
3) flexible and timely services providing high efficient work.
4) Green and environmental
5) Professional and perfect service


11. Supply Ability

Supply Ability:1000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month


12. Safety Information

Non-hazardous for air, sea and road freight.
Detailed safety information is contained in each Material Safety Data Sheet, which can be
obtained from our company.


13. Note

Information above is only for reference. Considering the difference between customers in terms
of equipment, process conditions, applications and specific requirements etc., we will be
responsible for the film property itself only instead of each using method and requirements from
different customers.

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