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Latest company news about WHAT KIND OF CLING FILM DO YOU USE?

Just bought vegetables and fruits, eat leftovers, in the refrigerator before they will be covered with a layer of plastic wrap. This not only does not string taste, but also more hygienic, and at the same time, the cling film has a great role in extending the freshness of food. That's why we need to use plastic wrap every day in our home life.


Material of cling film

Don't look at the cling film look similar, but in fact, the material is very different. Cling film materials can be divided into polyethylene (PE film), polyvinyl chloride (PVDC film), polymethylpentene (PMP film), polyvinyl chloride (PVC film) four, different materials of cling film in safety, heat resistance and other aspects are completely different.


1, polyethylene is a thermoplastic resin made of ethylene by polymerization. In industry, it also includes copolymers of ethylene and a small amount of alpha-olefins. Polyethylene is odorless, non-toxic, feels like wax, has excellent low temperature resistance (the lowest use temperature can reach -100 ~ -70 ° C), good chemical stability, can resist the erosion of most acids and bases (not resistant to acids with oxidizing properties). Insoluble in general solvents at room temperature, small water absorption, excellent electrical insulation.


2, polyvinyl chloride: PVC is a polymer made by polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer under the action of peroxide, azo compounds and other initiators or free radical polymerization reaction mechanism by light and heat. Vinyl chloride homopolymer and vinyl chloride copolymer are collectively called vinyl chloride resin.


3, polyvinylidene chloride: polyvinylidene chloride referred to as PVDC, homopolymer and copolymer of vinylidene chloride is customarily referred to as Sharon resin, its commercial polymer is vinylidene chloride and vinyl chloride, acrylate or acrylic copolymer. The choice of copolymer monomer has a great impact on the nature of copolymers, the form of copolymers should be based on melt processing, solution coating, dispersion coating and other processing methods to determine.


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Can I use plastic bags instead of plastic wrap?

The answer is not feasible. Cling film is not completely closed, but has a certain degree of breathability, to prevent the reproduction of bacteria, so as to achieve the role of preservation. And the breathability of plastic bags is very poor, if used to preserve the fruit with high moisture content, it is easy to lead to lack of oxygen and accelerate the speed of corruption. Therefore, plastic bags cannot be used instead of cling film.


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