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PETG raw material is highly transparent and has excellent impact performance, especially suitable for molding thick-walled transparent products. PETG heat shrink film is a high-performance shrink film made of PETG raw materials, there are more than 75% of the final shrinkage rate, can be made into complex shape container packaging, a wide range of applications, please follow HYF to understand!


PETG's main uses




1. Using conventional molding methods, you can prepare 1 ~ 25.4mm thick transparent material, with outstanding toughness and high impact strength, its impact strength is modified polyacrylate class 3 ~ 10 times, excellent molding performance, cold bending without whitening, no cracks, easy to print and trim, widely used in indoor and outdoor signs, storage shelves, vending machine panels, furniture, construction and mechanical fenders, etc.


2.PCTG card is mainly used in Europe, but it is also getting more and more applications in North America and Asia. It has a wide range of processing, high mechanical strength and excellent flexibility, higher transparency than PVC, good gloss, easy to print and has environmental advantages.PETG material is widely used in credit card materials.Visa is one of the world's largest credit card companies, with a global card issuance of 580 million cards in 1998. The company has endorsed diol-modified polyester (PETG) as its credit card material. Visa also notes that results from three different test plants show that PETG meets all the requirements of the international standard for credit cards (150/IEC 7810), so PETG cards are likely to be widely used in the credit card sector.




The products are hard, transparent, glossy, not white under pressure, easy to be molded and post-processed, meet environmental requirements, and comply with FDA standards for food contact.


For Film


Among various types of shrink films, PETG film has the highest shrinkage rate, which can reach 78%. PETG shrink film currently occupies a market share of 15% to 20% in the United States. It has a relative density of 1.28 and is specifically applied to high-performance shrink film, which can be made into packaging for complex shape containers with the advantages of high absorbency, high transparency, high gloss, low haze, easy printing, not easy to fall off, and low natural shrinkage rate when stored, and is applied to shrink packaging for beverage bottles, food and cosmetics and shrink labels for electronic products, etc. With the increasing restrictions on the application of PVC films in Europe and the US, the market share of PETG is increasing year by year; biaxially oriented PETG

film is suitable for high-grade packaging printing and used as insulation material; one-way stretch PET heat shrinkable film is suitable for external labeling of various cans, polyester bottles and other containers.


PETG heat shrink film


For Bottles


PETG can improve the traditional polyester beverage bottles with low toughness and is suitable for manufacturing large-capacity thick-walled transparent containers; PETG has a high degree of transparency, is not easy to break, easy to surface finish, and meets the U.S. FDA standards for food contact and can be used in food and medical products. At present, Japan has used PETG film for plastic beer packaging, EASTMAN company for the Asahi company produced a new plastic packaging beer bottle, Eastal copolyester film for the set of labels, the shape of silver and black, in the neck supplemented by black holes with a pull ring type cap, can block the light, isolate the air, to ensure the quality of beer, and has a bottle breakage to prevent the splash of the explosion-proof function. Excellent shrinkage performance.


PETG heat shrink film


Cosmetic Packaging


In recent years, PETG has gained great business opportunities in the field of cosmetic packaging. PETG containers have glass-like transparency and density close to glass, good gloss, chemical resistance, impact resistance, and are easy to process, and can be injection molded, injection-pulled and extrusion-blown, and can produce unique shapes, appearances and special effects, such as bright colors, frosting, marble texture, metallic luster, etc. Overlapping injection molding can also be done with other polyesters, elastomers or ABS. Cosmetic packaging products made from PETG include perfume bottles and caps, cosmetic bottles and caps, lipstick tubes, cosmetic cases, deodorant packaging, talcum powder bottles, and eyeliner sleeves.




PETG injection molding products are medical devices such as filters, eustachian tubes, tube connectors, pumps, clamps and dialysis equipment. Household utensils such as cups, salad bowls, salt and pepper shakers, etc. with excellent transparency, gloss, good toughness, processability and excellent colorability.

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