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Types of Shrink Sleeves for Product Packaging


Latest company news about Types of Shrink Sleeves for Product Packaging

Custom shrink sleeves are one of the most popular types of product packaging. Using a shrink sleeve for your product has several benefits:

● 360 degree artwork, which maximizes your promotional and branding opportunities

● Flexibility, with the ability to conform to almost any glass, plastic or metal container

● The ability to bundle multiple items together as a promotional or bulk packaging tool

There are four main types of custom sleeve packaging. Knowing the differences between the four types will help you choose the right one for your project goals.


Standard Shrink Sleeve


Standard shrink sleeves partially cover the product packaging, but do not have a tamper-evident seal to cover the cap. These sleeves work for virtually any product type and any container made of metal, glass or plastic and can include a full-length zippered perforation for easy recycling. Custom shrink sleeve labels can help you save in warehousing costs, particularly when it comes to labeling different varieties of the same product. For example, rather than warehousing several different containers, custom shrink sleeves allow you to house just one type of container and add different labels as needed.


Full-Body Shrink Sleeve


As the name implies, full-body shrink sleeves fully encompass the entire surface area of the product packaging, including the cap. This creates the opportunity for businesses to showcase their branding in full HD style with vivid graphics and color management. Full sleeve labels provide a tamper-evident seal for consumer safety and can also include a full-length zippered perforation for easy recycling and simplified removal of the shrink sleeve product packaging.


Shrink Bands


The smallest type of shrink sleeve label, shrink bands work to create a tamper-evident seal around the cap to ensure customer safety and security of purchase, sometimes utilizing zippered perforation. Businesses can put their logo, instructions, or other graphics on custom printed shrink bands, providing an additional branding opportunity.


Combination Packaging


Combination packaging shrink sleeves allow you to bundle several different types of the same package together. They are beneficial for running multi-pack promotions or for letting a customer save money by buying in bulk. Other potential applications include adding free samples of products, including “bonus gift with purchase” items or bundling less popular items from the warehouse to sell them faster.


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No matter which type of sleeve you end up going with, it’s crucial you have the correct equipment to apply the shrink to your product. Unlike traditional pressure sensitive labels that have an adhesive backing and are applied to your product via pressure, sleeve labels don’t use adhesive and are instead shrunk onto containers using mechanical shrinking equipment such as a heat shrink tunnel or steam tunnel. The shrink sleeve application process can require a significant in-house cost investment up front, so finding a co-packer that specializes in applying shrink sleeves is another option if you want to outsource the shrinking process instead.

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