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Latest company news about THE USE OF PVC SHRINK FILM

PVC shrink film is made by mixing ethylene resin with more than ten kinds of auxiliary materials and then inflating it twice. It is characterized by good transparency, easy shrinkage, high strength, shrinkage can be adjusted freely according to user needs, and it is highly operable! Widely used in the packaging of various commodities such as wine, food, sporting goods, disinfection tableware, electronic appliances, daily necessities, handicrafts, insurance products, audio-visual products, medicines, stationery, toys, portals, plastic hardware, glass ceramics, etc. The shape is more vivid and beautiful, and the product packaging grade is improved, and the product is protected from dust and squandering. It is currently an ideal film packaging material.


Food PVC Shrink Film


Food PVC Shrink Film


So what are the characteristics of PVC shrink film? As a PVC Shrink Film supplier, we are very aware of the properties of various shrink filmes such as PVC shrink film. Below we will explain in detail the characteristics of PVC shrink film.

PVC shrink film has the following six advantages:

1, beautiful appearance, close to the goods, so it is also called body packaging, suitable for a variety of different shapes of goods packaging;

2, good protection, if the inner packaging of the shrink packaging is combined with the transport packaging hanging on the outer packaging, it can have good reliability;

3, good cleaning, especially suitable for precision instruments, high-precision electronic components packaging;

4, good anti-theft, a variety of foods can be packaged together with a large shrink film to avoid loss, so there will be a special Food PVC Shrink Film,

5, the stability is good, the goods will not fall in the packaging film;

6, PVC shrink film transparency is good, customers can directly see the product content.

Knowing the characteristics of PVC shrink film, it is not difficult to know the use of PVC shrink film.

By using a PVC shrink film as a decorative film, it is possible to use a medium-density board, a particle board, a plywood, and a fiberboard in a large amount, thereby reducing the amount of wood used, thereby reducing damage to forests and the environment. From this perspective, PVC shrink film has made a great contribution to the protection of the ecological environment.

The melting temperature of PVC during processing is a very important process parameter. If this parameter is improper, it will lead to the problem of material decomposition. The flow characteristics of PVC are quite poor and the process range is narrow. In particular, large molecular weight PVC materials are difficult to process (this material usually incorporates a lubricant to improve flow characteristics), so small molecular weight PVC materials are generally used.

PVC shrinkage is quite low, generally 0.2 to 0.6%. Polyethylene films are generally produced by both blow molding and casting processes. The blown polyethylene film is blown from the blow molding grade PE particles by a blow molding machine, and has a low cost, so it is widely used. The thickness of the cast polyethylene film is uniform, but it is rarely used because of its high price.

PVC materials are often added with stabilizers, lubricants, auxiliary processing agents, colorants, impact agents and other additives in actual use. Different resin and formula can be used to produce heat shrinkable film with different mechanical strength and function. It can be used for inner packaging with low strength and small product weight, as well as mechanical products for containers requiring high strength. Transport packaging (outer packaging) for materials, etc., and Automotive PVC Shrink Film.

See here, our popularity of PVC shrink film is over. If you are interested in PVC shrink film, you can contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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