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PETG Shrink film


Latest company news about PETG Shrink film

PETG heat shrink film, PETG shrink film

We are the professional manufacturer of petg shrink film for shrink sleeves.(petg shrink label)


What is PETG shrink film?

PETG shrink film, which is produced from PET-G base material.

We have low shrink, medium shrink and high shrink PETG shrink film.

PET Shrink film – Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) Shrink film combines high density and strength into a high quality option.

Specifically applied to high-performance shrink film, more than 78% of the shrinkage, can be made into a complex container packaging, with high suction capacity, high transparency, high gloss, low haze, easy to print, not easy to fall off, storage, low natural shrinkage, used in beverage bottles, food and cosmetics packaging, electronic product labels, and Eco-friend to replace PVC shrink film.



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