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No matter what products are sold in the market, they will have packaging. Many goods may use flexible packaging materials because of their shape or size, such as plastic paper on beverage bottles, plastic film on commodities, blister packs for electronic products, etc. All these packaging are called PVC heat shrink film.


Application Areas

In China, heat shrink film is mainly used in the following three fields.

In the field of beverage packaging, the total amount of heat shrink film soft drink bottle labels required for the soft drink packaging, dairy packaging and pure water packaging market is over 100,000 tons, and is growing at an average annual rate of 18%.

In the field of pharmaceutical packaging, heat shrink film is replacing paper boxes greatly reducing the packaging costs of pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical packaging mainly refers to the bottles, caps, boxes and films used for packaging drugs and medical machinery.

In the field of beer packaging, China's beer production last year exceeded 51.89 million tons, requiring about 82 billion beer bottles, such as 5% of the use of heat shrink film bottle sets, the annual consumption of 50,000 tons, the market potential is very impressive.

At present, China's plastic packaging heat shrink film usage of hundreds of thousands of tons of PVC, PS, PE and other materials, of which PVC is currently a high market share of heat shrink film. The development of heat shrink technology has promoted the marketization of heat shrink film, making PVC heat shrink film covering electronic products, pharmaceutical products and other industries in the field of packaging, promoting the development of the product soft packaging industry. At the same time, heat shrink labels and shrink caps have also been developed.


Application Areas of PVC Heat Shrink Film



Heat shrink packaging machine using far-infrared radiation directly heated PVC shrink film to achieve perfect shrink packaging, never affect the packaging, stable and reliable, applied to toys, supplies, hardware tools, daily-use department stores, chemical supplies and other shrink packaging. The product will be shrink-wrapped film, sealed into the shrink packaging machine, the product will automatically shrink.

PVC shrink film is mainly made of several different grades of polyethylene resin mixed extrusion, with puncture resistance, super strength, high performance; with high tensile strength, elongation, good self-adhesion, transparency and other characteristics; stacked on the pallet of goods for winding packaging, can make the package more stable and neat, play a more super waterproof role.


Packaging benefits

PVC shrink film has high puncture resistance, good shrinkage and certain shrinkage stress. It is mainly used in the sales and transportation process of various products to stabilize, cover and protect the products. Shrink packaging is not only beautiful in appearance, but also plays the role of moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-loose, anti-theft and collection.


PVC film is easy to process, easy to color, good printing performance and has extremely high printing resolution, which is a complete material advancement for the constant pursuit of fine printing of trademarks. Because of this high shrinkage and strength of PVC film, it can fit closely with various containers of different shapes, so it can not only print fine patterns, but also meet the use of a variety of novel packaging containers with very different shapes, thus making beverages and other goods in the use of labels with more vivid patterns, highlighting the image on the shelf, producing an unexpected effect of the container.

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