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Advantages of shrink sleeve


Latest company news about Advantages of shrink sleeve





Every year, the spread of shrink sleeve throughout Russia and the global market are becoming increasingly popular to use for individual and group packaging. Due to the demands of competition, manufacturing companies are looking for new ways to improve the packaging of their products and make it more appealing to consumers. The most important aspects of the packaging are the contemporary design and functionality; components that would directly result in successful sales.




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Shrink sleeves are made from unique materials that enable them to fit the form of any packaging regardless of how elaborate the structure of the packaging is, creating a huge advantage against other methods of labeling. Our product can be easily applied to any complex geometric shape and works well in the package design and method of rotogravure printing. Due to its innovative design our product attracts strong consumer appeal and interest. This new realization opens doors of opportunities to many and showcases the most interesting packaging solutions on the market.





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Today, shrink sleeves are widely used in almost every sector of the consumer market, making them highly functional. Depending on the field of application, shrink sleeves also have added benefits to their functionality such as:


1) Displaying high informational content , 360º - much more information can be displayed on the shrink label compared to the conventional one;

2) Concealing small physical or technological defects on the surface of the can or bottle;

3) Protection of the product against counterfeiting and tampering;

4) Protection of the product against UV rays.




Shrink sleeves have even greater benefits in terms of marketing. The high quality materials that shrink labels are made from give them an undeniable competitive edge over paper labels and efficiently stimulate consumer demand. This helps win new target groups of customers resulting in a predictably higher outcome of sales and profits in the long run.


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Consider the opportunities of heat-shrink technology – perhaps it is best that you need today to succeed!




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