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Advantages of Full Body Shrink Sleeve Labeling


Latest company news about Advantages of Full Body Shrink Sleeve Labeling

Advantages of Full Body Shrink Sleeve Labeling


latest company news about Advantages of Full Body Shrink Sleeve Labeling  0


For consumer products, full body shrink sleeve labeling has become the industry golden standard, offering a wide range of advantages that for most companies are too good to pass up. If you are trying to decide how to label your bottled products check out the following advantages shrink labeling has over traditional labeling methods.


Saves You Money


With traditional labeling, using stock bottles for a wide variety of products isn't always a possibility. With full body shrink sleeve labels which cover 100% of the surface area, using plain stock bottles for all of your products can be done with relative ease. No label liner material needs to be managed, such as is the case with pressure sensitive labels.


In this way, shrink sleeve labeling is an excellent investment, allowing you to cut costs by streamlining how you bottle and label the products you sell.




Most labels, like pressure sensitive labeling, require strong adhesives which are not always recyclable and environmentally-friendly. Pressure sensitive labeling uses materials like siliconized paper and filmic liner, face sheet paper and plastic, adhesive emulsion acrylic, solvent, and rubber bases. With full body shrink sleeve labeling there are fewer materials in the recycle stream compared to traditional pressure sensitive labeling. Full body shrink sleeve labels can be made using materials that are completely eco-friendly and, in some cases, biodegradable. By using eco-friendly shrink labeling film and bottles, you will be able to market your products as safer for the environment - an attractive option for many environmentally-conscious customers.


Enhances Your Brand's Impact


Shrink sleeve labels offer a number of design possibilities, including the ability to incorporate bright, attractive colors and custom designs which enhance the product's retail appearance. Along with this, shrink sleeve labels cover much more surface area than traditional labels, giving you more real estate to create an eye-catching label design. Full body shrink sleeve labels work well on more complex, unique bottle designs, specifically those with compound curves. There is no other cost-effective way to label these container shapes.


All of this adds up to a label that dramatically enhances your product's market presence and making it much more likely to be noticed by potential customers at the point of purchase, as well as for entire duration they have it in their homes.


Requires Less Changeover Time on Line


Since shrink sleeve labels can be used on stock bottles for multiple products, there is very little required to transition your assembly line to labeling a new product. If failures do arise, the products on line are easier to manage as there is no die cutting issues in either converting nor application. Overall, products using full body shrink sleeve labeling are easier to rework – you don’t have to worry about low initial tack high permanence adhesives, common with other types of labeling, which are normally solvent or acrylic bases.


In the end, this not only saves you time and money, it also allows you to more rapidly adapt to the demands of your customers and quickly shift to producing new products when supplies run low.


Tamper Evident Seal Option


For some products, knowing that the bottle hasn't been opened or tampered with is extremely important to the customer. This is especially true for products that are meant to be ingested. Fortunately, full body shrink sleeve labels, when extended up over the closure with a perforation, easily provide you with a built-in tamper evident seal. This allows your customers to rest assured that the product was never opened or tampered with in any way before it was purchased.


Although a number of labeling options exist, few offer as many advantages as full body shrink sleeve labeling, especially for today’s consumer products. If you would like to learn more about how you can start using these shrink sleeves for your own products, feel free to contact us today!

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